Sora Prompt Examples : OpenAI’s Text-to-Video Model

OpenAI’s Sora has taken the AI world by storm, generating realistic and captivating videos from mere text prompts.

Unfortunately, there’s no official release date for OpenAI’s Sora yet at the time of e=writing this post on 24th Feb 2024. While it’s highly anticipated for sometime in 2024, specific details remain under wraps.

sora prompts

But once SORA is open to public do you want to try out its Text to Video model ? Here are some example prompts that you can try once it is released.

Sora AI Video Generator : Prompts To Try Out

Some of these Sora prompt examples can be customized according to your imaginations.

1Vibrant video of a playful cat chasing a colorful butterfly in a sunny meadow.
2Detailed video of a crowded city street at night, with people rushing under umbrellas and lights reflecting in the puddles.
3Close-up video of a flower bud slowly unfolding into a beautiful, fully open bloom.
4Imaginative video of a futuristic city with sleek vehicles gliding through the air and massive buildings reaching towards the clouds.
5Tranquil video of diverse fish swimming among vibrant coral reefs in a sunlit underwater world.
6Stylized video resembling a watercolor painting, showcasing a majestic mountain range with a peaceful valley below.
7Action-packed video depicting a historically accurate battle scene with soldiers engaged in combat.
8Playful video of a robot using its tools to build a complex sandcastle on a sunny beach.
9Personalized video with a realistic portrait of a woman featuring the specified details.
10Fantastical video of a person soaring through a vast starry sky with a sense of wonder and magic.
11Educational video showcasing the habitat, behavior, and threats faced by a specific endangered animal.
12Creative and visually appealing video advertising a product with its features and benefits highlighted.
13Dynamic video with visuals matching the energy and rhythm of the music, potentially incorporating dance or other visuals.
14Informative video with clear instructions and step-by-step visual cues for preparing a specific dish.
15Visually engaging video showcasing the creative process of an artist from start to finish.
16Immersive video allowing the viewer to choose their path and explore different historical timelines.
17Lighthearted and relatable video with funny situations and dialogue.
18Engaging video with a building sense of tension and a surprising conclusion.
19Thought-provoking video with visuals and narration prompting reflection on deep questions.
20Creative video capturing the emotions and imagery of a specific dream experienced by the viewer.
21Touching video featuring memories, photos, and heartfelt messages for a specific event or individual.
22Educational video with a clear message and impactful visuals to raise awareness for a specific cause.
23Peaceful video with soothing visuals and narration to guide the viewer through a calming meditation session.
24Create a video of a man playing cricket on a beach
25Create a video of a baby fighting with villains in a cinematic angles.

Where we can try out SORA Prompts (Current Status)

  • Limited Access: Sora is currently undergoing private testing with a select group of researchers, allowing them to identify potential issues and refine the technology before wider release.
  • Active Development: OpenAI is actively working on Sora, continuously improving its capabilities and addressing potential challenges.

When we can Expect Sora Official Release

  • Official Announcement: OpenAI will likely announce a public release date once they’re confident in Sora’s stability, performance, and safety measures.
  • Gradual Rollout: The release might be gradual, starting with limited access for specific user groups before becoming widely available.
  • You can always check the new updates about sora on OpenAI’s official website.

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