Microsoft Copilot with Image Generation Prompts. How It Benefits over Free ChatGPT 3.5

Copilot Prompts

Benefits of Copilot over ChatGPT:

Generative Image Capabilities: Copilot’s ability to create images and visual assets sets it apart from ChatGPT, which is primarily text-based. This makes Copilot more versatile and applicable to a wider range of tasks.

Integration with Microsoft Products: Copilot integrates seamlessly with various Microsoft products, including Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Visual Studio Code. This provides a more streamlined and efficient experience for users working within those environments.

Focus on Code Assistance: Copilot’s primary focus is on providing code assistance, making it a valuable tool for developers. While ChatGPT can also generate code, its capabilities in this area are generally considered to be less robust.

Continuous Updates: Microsoft actively develops and updates Copilot, which means it’s constantly learning and improving. This ensures that users always have access to the latest features and capabilities.

Here’s a table of 20 Microsoft Copilot prompt examples, along with examples of image generation and a discussion of benefits over ChatGPT:

Note: In the below ‘Image Generation Examples, Copilot will either create an image with the help of DALL E 3 or will tell us on how to create the image with suitable tools.

copilot prompting
Prompt TypeExampleImage Generation Example
Coding– Create a function to calculate the factorial of a number.– Generate an image of a flowchart for the factorial function.
Documentation– Write comments explaining this code block.– Generate a visual diagram of the code’s structure.
Email– Draft a response to this customer inquiry.– Suggest relevant images to include in the email.
Creative Writing– Write a poem about a forest in autumn.– Generate a painting or photo that captures the poem’s mood.
Presentations– Create slides for a presentation on machine learning.– Generate graphs and charts to visualize data.
Project Management– Help me write a project plan for this website.– Generate a timeline or Gantt chart for the project.
Troubleshooting– Suggest possible solutions for this error code.– Generate a visual representation of the error’s context.
Translation– Translate this text from English to Spanish.– Generate a visual comparison of the two languages.
Data Analysis– Summarize the key findings in this dataset.– Generate graphs and charts to visualize the data.
Marketing– Write a catchy slogan for this new product.– Generate a logo or visual identity for the product.
Legal– Help me draft a contract for this business partnership.– Generate a visual representation of the contract’s structure.
Customer Service– Draft a response to this customer complaint.– Generate a visual empathy map to understand the customer’s perspective.
Education– Create a lesson plan on the water cycle.– Generate interactive diagrams and animations to explain the concept.
Research– Summarize the main arguments in this research paper.– Generate a visual mind map of the paper’s structure.
Social Media– Write a tweet about this upcoming event.– Generate a visually appealing image to accompany the tweet.
Design– Create a mockup for this website’s homepage.– Generate multiple design options to choose from.
Personal Productivity– Help me create a to-do list for today.– Generate a visual timeline for the day’s tasks.
Finance– Create a budget for this month.– Generate a visual graph of spending patterns.
Healthcare– Help me write a patient care plan.– Generate a visual representation of the patient’s health history.

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